March/April 2015

Inside Tract

Author(s): Shannon Fischer
Inside Tract 618 370 IEEE Pulse

When she was 37, Clare developed a tremor down her left side. At 39, she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and put on a series of medications. These helped for…

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Sending out an SOS…and More

Sending out an SOS…and More

Author(s): Leslie Mertz
Sending out an SOS…and More 618 370 IEEE Pulse

It seems as if many of us are getting used to the idea of wearing sensors, whether they are counting the number of steps we take each day with an…

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Learning How We Learn

Author(s): Barbara Oakley
Learning How We Learn 618 370 IEEE Pulse

“You know too much; it’s time to kill you.” In Russian, the phrase rhymes. The captain raised his glass, steering an inebriated wink my way. I glanced down at the…

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The Great Divide

Author(s): Jennifer Berglund
The Great Divide 618 370 IEEE Pulse

Bruce Wheeler.(Photo courtesy of Bruce Wheeler.) For decades, BME has been touted worldwide as the rising star in engineering disciplines. The number of technological advancements that can be credited to…

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The Real World

Author(s): Jennifer Berglund
The Real World 618 370 IEEE Pulse

Let’s face it: In the United States, a college degree isn’t what it used to be. These days, 46% of recent college graduates consider themselves underemployed and in jobs that…

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Behind the Scenes at IEEE Pulse

Author(s): Colin J. H. Brenan
Behind the Scenes at IEEE Pulse 150 150 IEEE Pulse

Since taking the helm of IEEE Pulse in January 2014, I am very proud of how we have built on the solid journalistic foundation constructed by former Editor-in-Chief Mike Neuman…

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Educating for Industry

Author(s): Gail Baura
Educating for Industry 150 150 IEEE Pulse

During the last two decades, the number of undergraduate programs in BME and bioengineering (BE) has grown exponentially in the United States. In 1992, only 20 programs were accredited by…

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The Technology Hype Cycle

Author(s): Art Johnson
The Technology Hype Cycle 150 150 IEEE Pulse

It has been said that the Stone Age did not end because ancient humans ran out of stones. No, the key was that new technologies allowed them to advance to something better: first copper, next bronze,…

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The Tango

Author(s): Max Valentinuzzi
The Tango 150 150 IEEE Pulse

Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without. —Confucius The tango appears as no exception, in its birthplace and abroad, too. The perception of music is…

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