Clinician’s Corner

Engineering for the Under-Resourced

Engineering for the Under-Resourced 150 150 IEEE Pulse
What does it mean to advance technology for humanity? Does it beg us to ask, “Define technology?” and “What segment of Humanity?” As we peruse through the plethora of publications in the various EMBS journals, there is clearly no shortage of innovation using the latest and greatest technology. read more

Asking Better Questions

Asking Better Questions 150 150 IEEE Pulse
Have you ever picked up a “universal remote” and have to study it for a minute before finding the power, channel, and volume buttons? Just as you settle in, a push of a wrong button puts up a panel that obscures the program, forcing another long look at the remote for the “exit” button to go back to the program. On the other hand, a tutorial was likely not needed to operate an iPhone. Why is that? read more