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External Liaison: Overview of Establishment
Director, Operational Program Management, IEEE SA, Erin Morales, 09 February 2022

Director, IEEE ICAP, Ravi Subramaniam, 09 February 2022

The Metadata platform for Digital Clinical Trials (MEDICT)
EMB Standards Committee Meeting Presentation, Daniel Ebneter, Stefan Nicolet and Sukhi Kaur Habermacher, Karger Publishers, 30 August, 2021

IEEE DataPort : Data Solution for Individuals & Institutions
EMB Standards Committee Meeting Presentation, Melissa Handa, Senior Program Manager, IEEE , 30 August, 2021

Editorial: Standardization of Neurotechnology for Brain-Machine Interfacing: State of the Art and Recommendations
Ricardo Chavariagga,Carole Carey,Chair, Jose Luis Contreas-Vidal,Zach Mckinney,Luigi Bianchi,IEEE Open Journal of Engineering in Medicine and Biology, Volume 2, February 2021

A Functional Model for Unifying Brain Computer Interface Terminology
Chuck Easttom, Luigi Bianchi, Davide Valeriani, Chang S. Nam, Ali Hossaini, Dariusz Zapała,Avid Roman-Gonzalez, Avinash K Singh, Alberto Antonietti, Guillermo Sahonero-Alvarez, Pradeep Balachandran,IEEE Open Journal of Engineering in Medicine and Biology, Volume 2, February 2021

Preliminary Minimum Reporting Requirements for Reporting In-Vivo Neural Interface Research: I. Implantable Neural Interfaces Calvin D. Eiber, Jean Delbeke, Jorge Cardoso, Martijn de Neeling, Sam E. John, Chang Won Lee,Jerry Skefos, Argus Sun, Dimiter Prodanov, Zach McKinney,EEE Open Journal of Engineering in Medicine and Biology, Volume 2, February 2021

A Roadmap towards Standards for Neurally Controlled End Effectors
Andrew Y. Paek, Justin A. Brantley,Akshay Sujatha Ravindran, Kevin Nathan,Yongtian He,David Eguren,Jesus G. Cruz-Garza,Sho Nakagome,Dilranjan S. Wickramasuriya,Jiajun Chang,Md Rashed-Al-Mahfuz,Md. Rafiul Amin,Nikunj A. Bhagat, Jose L. Contreras-Vidal, IEEE Open Journal of Engineering in Medicine and Biology, Volume 2, February 2021

Common Purpose, Different Paths: Stories of IEEE Standards Developers
IEEE EMB SA-Beyond Standards blog, IEEE P2795 Working Group Chair, Cj Rieser, 26 July 2021

IEEE EMB SC & IEEE SA-HLSP Virtual PAR-a-thon Workshop, IEEE P2795 Working Group Chair, Cj Rieser, 27 May 2021

Data Science, Semantic Interoperability and Standards
Webinar on Executive Leaders in IEEE WIE, WIE Region 2 (R2), IEEE P1752 Working Group Secretary, Simona Carini, 24 March , 2021

IEEE Engineering in Medicine & Biology Standards Committee Presents: “A Day in the Life of a Working Group” (Response to interview questions by IEEE Standards Association supporting the Beyond Standards Blog), IEEE P2795 Working Group Chair, Cj Rieser, 9 April 2021.

Where To – Future of Accessible Autonomous Vehicles
Rory A Cooper (EMB Standards Committee Member) & Brad Dicianno, PN Magazine , February 2021

IEEE WOMEN IN ENGINEERING EXECUTIVE LEADERS” SERIES TALK – “ Thoughts on becoming a standards leader & medical technology futurist as women in engineering ”  
Working Group Chair, IEEE P2795, Cj Rieser, 22 December, 2020

IEEE Conformity Assessment Program Overview-Certification Program
Director, IEEE ICAP,. Ravi Subramaniam, 16 November 2020

Introduction to “IEEE Open Source Platform”
Open Source Community Manager, IEEE-SA , Joshua Gay, 30-January, 2020

Sharing Analytics: Developing a standard to employ high impact analytics without stressing networks-COVID-19 and the need for rapid, low bandwidth analytics            (D. Roberts, V. Spina, J. Griffith , J. Ronzio, and Cj Rieser)

Standards Development in Life Sciences (C. Carey, YL Moon, L. Bianchi)
An introduction of standards and modern approaches on how to accomplish them.
Read this report here. | Source

On the Need of Standards for Brain-Machine Interface Systems (R. Chavarriaga, C. Carey, C. Tom, B. Ash) Read this article here.

IEEE SA Pre‐Standards Workstream Report: Clinical IoT Data Validation and Interoperability with Blockchain
Working Group Chair, Florence Hudson,11 June, 2019