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Lung Nodule Malignancy Prediction from Longitudinal CT Scans with Siamese Convolutional Attention Networks

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Goal: We propose a convolutional attention-based network that allows for use of pre-trained 2-D convolutional feature extractors and is extendable to multi-time-point classification in a Siamese structure. Methods: Our proposed framework is evaluated for single- and multi-time-point classification to explore the value that temporal information, such as nodule growth, adds to malignancy prediction. Results: Our results show that the proposed method outperforms a comparable 3-D network with less than half the parameters on single-time-point classification and further achieves performance gains on multi-time-point classification. Conclusions: Attention-based, Siamese 2-D pre-trained CNNs lead to fast training times and are effective for malignancy prediction from single-time-point or multiple-time-point imaging data.

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