OJEMB presents

Enhancement of Closed-Loop Cognitive Stress Regulation using Supervised Control Architectures

Goal: We propose novel supervised control architectures to regulate the cognitive stress state and close the loop. Methods: We take information present in underlying neural impulses of skin conductance signals and employ model-based control techniques to close the loop in a state-space framework. For performance enhancement, we establish a supervised knowledge-based layer to update control system in real time. In the supervised architecture, the controller parameters are being updated in real-time. Results: Statistical analyses demonstrate the efficiency of supervised control architectures in improving the closed-loop results while maintaining stress levels within a desired range with more optimized control efforts. The model-based approaches would guarantee the control system-perspective criteria such as stability and optimality, and the proposed supervised knowledge-based layer would further enhance their efficiency. Conclusion: Outcomes in this in silico study verify the proficiency of the proposed supervised architectures to be implemented in the real world.

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