In Memoriam: André Dittmar

In Memoriam: André Dittmar 150 150 IEEE EMBS

André DittmarAndré Dittmar has been very active within the French and International BME community. He was a pioneer in the field of micro and nano technologies in life sciences and health technologies, and known worldwide for his innovative contributions to wearable sensors and systems. Founder of the Sensors team of the Lyon Nanotechnologies Institute of Lyon, he was instrumental in the creation of the French Biomedical Engineering Society (SFGBM) of which he has been a President and which paved the way to the recognition of this emerging discipline.
André was the founding chairman of the first IEEE EMBS Microtechnology in Medicine and Biology Conference in 2000 and has been the General Chair of the 29th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference held in Lyon in 2007 which gathered more than 2000 participants.
He was member of the World Academy of Biomedical Technologies of the UNESCO, the IEEE EMBS Technical Committee on Wearables, Fellow of the International Academy of Medical and Biological Engineering. André has received several awards including the Cristal Medal of the CNRS and the Fourcade Prize, the highest honor of the of the French Biomedical Engineering Society.
In addition to his deep impact in the BME area, André will be remembered for his tireless dynamism and passion, and his unique sense of humor.
He is survived by his wife Françoise and his children Pierre-Olivier, Elise and Sophie.