2019 Newly Elevated Fellows

2019 Newly Elevated Fellows 150 150 IEEE EMBS

IEEE Fellow is a distinction reserved for select IEEE members whose extraordinary accomplishments in any of the IEEE fields of interest are deemed fitting of this prestigious grade elevation.
Please join us in congratulating the newly elevated IEEE Fellows for the Class of 2019! We are especially proud of the Fellows selected from among our EMBS membership, including:

J Stewart Aitchison

for contributions to nonlinear optical devices and point-of-care testing systems

Jose Luis Contreras

for contributions to brain-machine interfaces and wearable exoskeletons

Dimitrios Fotiadis

for contributions to modelling and machine learning in biomedical data processing

Guido Gerig

for contributions to medical image processing

Maysam Ghovanloo

for contributions to implantable wireless integrated circuits and systems

Robert Greenberg

for the invention and development of the retinal prosthesis for the blind

Warren Grundfest

for contributions to the development of minimally invasive surgical techniques

Keum-shik Hong

for contributions to adaptive estimation and brain-computer interface techniques

Zeng-guang Hou

for contributions to neural network optimization and control for rehabilitation

Anant Madabhushi

for contributions in image analysis tools for diagnosis and prognosis of diseases

Erik Meijering

for contributions to computational methods for biological image analysis

Robert Rohling

for contributions to ultrasound for medical diagnosis and intervention

Kenji Sunagawa

for contributions to cardiovascular mechanics, baroreflex dynamics, and bionic cardiology applications

Simon Warfield

for contributions to medical imaging