2018 Newly Elected Fellows

2018 Newly Elected Fellows 150 150 IEEE EMBS

IEEE Fellow is a distinction reserved for select IEEE members whose extraordinary accomplishments in any of the IEEE fields of interest are deemed fitting of this prestigious grade elevation.
Please join us in congratulating the newly elevated IEEE Fellows for the Class of 2018! We are especially proud of the Fellows selected from among our EMBS membership, including:

Pamela Ann Abshire

for contributions to CMOS biosensors

Gary Christensen

for contributions to medical image registration and analysis

Dario Farina

for contributions to neuromuscular electrophysiology and neurorehabilitation

Thomas Furness

for leadership in virtual and augmented reality

Cuntai Guan

for contributions to brain-computer interfaces and applications

Kullervo Hynynen

for contributions to image-guided therapeutic focused ultrasound

Leon Iasemidis

for developments in epileptic seizure prediction and closed-loop brain stimulation

 Lynette Jones

for contributions to tactile and thermal displays

Sung Kim

for contributions to the design of microfabricated neural prosthetic devices

Pablo Laguna Larosa

for contributions to cardiac biomedical signal processing

Zhenqiang Ma

for contributions to flexible and biodegradable microwave electronics

Paul Meaney

for contributions to microwave tomography and its translation to clinical use

 Konstantina Nikita

for contributions to bioelectromagnetics and implantable antennas for medical applications

Barbara Oakley

for outreach through online engineering pedagogy

Constantinos Pattichis

for contributions to medical diagnostic and mobile health systems

Josien Pluim

for contributions to medical image analysis

Badrinath Roysam

for contributions to image processing algorithms for biological microscopy

Dinggang ShenDinggang Shen

for contributions to medical image analysis

Jocelyne Troccaz

for contributions to robotics and imaging for medical applications

Stephen T Wong

for leadership in drug discovery, systems biology, bioinformatics, and health analytics

Habib Zaidi

for contributions to quantitative multimodality molecular imaging