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A Versatile Ultrasound Simulation System for Education and Training in High-Fidelity Emergency Scenarios

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Point of care ultrasonography and the related focused assessment with sonography for trauma protocol, if performed by experienced physicians, is a highly sensitive examination, and specific for the detection of free fluids. Different systems and methods have been proposed for training, including simulation as one of the most efficient. This paper presents an ultrasound training system, specifically designed to be used during bedside high fidelity simulation scenarios, that could facilitate the learning process. The development of the proposed system exploited novel rapid prototyping electronic boards as a means to obtain good performances with a low cost. Moreover, the design of the data structure permits the construction of a library that caters for individual needs, with the possibility of adding emergency scenarios, collecting pictures or videos, as well as 3-D volumes. The device has been compared with currently commercial ultrasound simulators and its innovative aspects have been highlighted. Finally, it has been tested during a training session in order to evaluate features, such as realism and user-friendliness.

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