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Unified Open Hardware Platform for Digital X-Ray Devices; its Conceptual Model and First Implementation

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Digital radiography devices are still the gold standard for diagnosis or therapy guidance in medicine. Despite the similarities between all direct digital x-ray systems, researchers and new companies face significant challenges during the development phase of innovative x-ray devices; each component is manufactured independently, guidance towards device integration from manufacturers is limited, global standards for device integration is lacking. Method: In scope of this study a plug-integrate-play (PIP) conceptual model for x-ray imaging system is introduced and implemented as an open hardware platform, SyncBox. The researchers are free to select each individual device component from different vendors based on their intended application and target performance are utilized in criteria. Result: As its first implementation, SyncBox and its platform a full body high resolution radiographic scanner that employs a novel TDI digital detector. Conclusion: We believe that SyncBox has a potential for introducing an open source hardware platform to x-ray equipment design.

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