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Intubation Containment System for Improved Protection From Aerosolized Particles During Airway Management

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Worldwide efforts to protect front line providers performing endotracheal intubation during the COVID-19 pandemic have led to innovative devices. Authors evaluated the aerosol containment effectiveness of a novel intubation aerosol containment system (IACS) compared with a recently promoted intubation box and no protective barrier. Methods: In a simulation center at the authors’ university, the IACS was compared to no protective barrier and an intubation box. Aerosolization was simulated using a commercial fog machine and leakage of aerosolize mist was visually assessed. Results: The IACS appeared to contain the aerosolized mist, while the intubation box allowed for mist to contact the laryngoscopist and contaminate the clinical space through arm port holes and the open caudal end. Both devices protected the laryngoscopist better than no protective barrier. Discussion: The IACS with integrated sleeves and plastic drape appears to offer superior protection for the laryngoscopist and assistant providers from aerosolized particles.

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