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DFENet: Deep Feature Enhancement Network for Accurate Calculation of Instantaneous Wave-Free Ratio

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Accurate iFR calculation can provide important clinical information for intracoronary functional assessment without administration of adenosine, which needs to locate object points in the pressure waveforms: peak, the dichrotic notch and the pressure nadir at the end of diastole. We propose a DFENet that is capable of locating object points to calculate iFR accurately. We first design a SFRA into DFENet with the idea of DenseNet. To avoid overfitting when dealing with sparse signals, we set appropriate number of network layers, growth rate of dense blocks and compression rate of transition blocks in 1D DenseNet. Then, we introduce a feature enhancement mechanism named 1D SE block for enhancing inconspicuous but vital features from SFRA, which guides DFENet to focus on these important features via feature recalibration. Finally, we prove an effective interaction mode between SFRA and 1D SE block to locate object points accurately. Adequate experiments demonstrate that DFENet reaches a high accuracy of 94.22%, error of 5.6 on object point localization of 1D pressure waveforms that include 1457 samples from 100 subjects via a cross-validation of Leave-One-Out. Comparison experiment demonstrates that the accuracy of DFENet exceeds other state-of-the-art methods by 3.35%, and ablation experiment demonstrates that the accuracy of SFRA and cSE exceed the other variations by 6.63% and 2.56% respectively. Importantly, we reveal how the DFENet enhance inconspicuous but vital feature by applying gradient-weighted class activation maps. DFENet can locate object points accurately, which is applicable to other signal processing tasks, especially in health sensing.

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