Special Issue on Enabling Technologies in Health Engineering and Informatics for the New Revolution

Special Issue on Enabling Technologies in Health Engineering and Informatics for the New Revolution 1802 1038 Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics (JBHI)

In this issue, vol. 24, issue 9, September 2020, 11 papers are published related to the topic Special Issue on Enabling Technologies in Health Engineering and Informatics for the New Revolution. Please click here to view them, with links in IEEE XPLORE.

Towards a wearable system for predicting the freezing of gait in people affected by Parkinson’s disease
Demrozi, Florenc; Bacchin, Ruggero; Tamburin, Stefano; Cristani, Marco; Pravadelli, Graziano

Evaluation of machine learning models for classifying upper extremity exercises using inertial measurement unit-based kinematic data
Hua, Andrew; Chaudhari, Pratik; Johnson, Nicole; Quinton, Joshua; Schatz, Bruce; Buchner, David; Hernandez, Manuel

Deep Multi-Scale Fusion Neural Network for Multi-Class Arrhythmia Detection
Wang, Ruxin; Fan, Ping; Li, Ye

CycleGAN with an Improved Loss Function for Cell Detection Using Partly Labeled Images
He, Jin; Wang, Cong; Jiang, Dan; Li, Zhuo; Liu, Yangyi; Zhang, Tao

Multi-task Joint Learning Model for Segmenting and Classifying Tongue Images Using a Deep Neural Network
Guo, Jinhong; Xu, Qiang; Zeng, Yu; Tang, Wenjun; Peng, Wei; Xia, Tingwei; Li, Zongrun; Teng, Fei; Li, Weihong

A Method for Projections of the Emergency Department Behaviour by Non-Communicable Diseases from 2019 to 2039
Shojaei, Elham; Rexachs, Dolores; Wong, Alvaro; Epelde, Francisco; Luque, Emilio

Secure Health Data Sharing for Medical Cyber-Physical Systems for the Healthcare 4.0
Qiu, Han; Qiu, Meikang; Memmi, Gerard; Liu, Meiqin

Automatic medical code assignment via deep learning approach for intelligent healthcare
Teng, Fei; Ma, Zheng; Chen, Jie; Xiao, Ming; Huang, Lufei

Medical Treatment Migration Prediction based on GCN via Medical Insurance Data
Ren, Yongjian; Shi, Yuliang; Zhang, Kun; Chen, Zhiyong; Yan, Zhongmin

On Edge Computing for Remote Pathology Consultations and Computations
Sacco, Alessio; Esposito, Flavio; Marchetto, Guido; Kolar, Grant; Schwetye, Kate

Homecare Robotic Systems for Healthcare 4.0: Visions and Enabling Technologies
Yang, Geng; Pang, Zhibo; Deen, M. Jamal; Dong, Mianxiong; Zhang, Yuanting; Lovell, Nigel; Rahmani, Amir