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In this issue, vol. 25, issue 1, January 2021, 7 papers are published related to the topic Sensor Informatics. Please click here to view them, with links in IEEE XPLORE.

IMU-Based Gait Normalcy Index Calculation for Clinical Evaluation of Impaired Gait
Wang, Lei; Sun, Yun; Li, Qingguo; Liu, Tao; Yi, Jingang

An Adaptive Kalman Filter Bank for ECG Denoising
Danandeh Hesar, Hamed; Mohebbi, Maryam

A Data Driven End-to-end Approach for In-the-wild Monitoring of Eating Behavior Using Smartwatches
Kyritsis, Konstantinos; Diou, Christos; Delopoulos, Anastasios

Reversible Biosignal Steganography Approach for Authenticating Biosignals using Extended Binary Golay code
Rahman, Mohammad Saidur; Khalil, Ibrahim; Yi, Xun

EMG Signal Filtering based on Variational Mode Decomposition and Sub-band Thresholding
Ma, Shihan; Lv, Bo; Lin, Chuang; Sheng, Xinjun; Zhu, Xiangyang

Adaptive stimulation profiles modulation for foot drop correction using functional electrical stimulation: a proof of concept study
Li, Yurong; Yang, Xu; Zhou, Yuezhu; Chen, Jun; Du, Min; Yang, Yuan

Identification of Children At Risk of Schizophrenia via Deep Learning and EEG Responses
Ahmedt Aristizabal, David; Fernando, Tharindu; Denman, Simon; Robinson, Jonathan; Sridharan, Sridha; Johnston, Patrick ; Laurens, Kristin; Fookes, Clinton

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