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In this issue, vol. 24, issue 10, October 2020, 5 papers are published related to the topic Sensor Informatics. Please click here to view them, with links in IEEE XPLORE.

QuPWM: Feature Extraction Method for MEG

Chahid, Abderrazak; Albalawi, Fahad; Alotaiby, Turky; Al-Hameed, Majed Hamad ; Alshebeili, Saleh; Laleg-Kirati, Taous-Meriem


An Automatic R and T peak Detection Method Based on the Combination of  Hierarchical Clustering and Discrete Wavelet Transform

Chen, Hanjie; Maharatna, Koushik


A Residual based Attention Model for EEG based Sleep Staging

Wei, Qu; wang, zhiyong; Hong, Hong; Chi, Zheru; Feng, Dagan; Grunstein, Ron; Gordon, Christopher


Epileptic Seizure Classification with Symmetric and Hybrid Bilinear Models

Liu, Tennison; Truong, Nhan; Nikpour, Armin; Zhou, Luping; Kavehei, Omid


Adversarial Representation Learning for Robust Patient-Independent Epileptic Seizure Detection

Zhang, Xiang; Yao, Lina; Dong, Manqing; Liu, Zhe; Zhang, Yu; Li, Yong


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