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In this issue, vol. 24, issue 10, October 2020, 7 papers are published related to the topic Medical Informatics. Please click here to view them, with links in IEEE XPLORE.

EMR-based phenotyping of ischemic stroke using supervised machine learning and text mining techniques

Sung, Sheng-Feng; Lin, Chia-Yi; Hu, Ya-Han


A Deep Neural Network Application for Improved Prediction of HbA1c in Type 1 Diabetes

Zaitcev, Aleksandr; Eissa, Mohammad R ; Hui, Zheng ; Good, Tim; Elliott, Jackie; Benaissa, Mohammed


Voice Conversion for persons with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

Zhao, Yunxin; Kuruvilla-Dugdale, Mili; Song, Minguang


Natural language processing for mimicking clinical trial recruitment in critical care: a semi-automated simulation based on the LeoPARDS trial

Tissot, Hegler; Shah, Anoop; Brealey, David; Harris, Steven; Agbakoba, Ruth; Folarin, Amos; Romao, Luis; Roguski, Lukasz; Dobson, Richard; Asselbergs, Folkert


Collaborative eHealth Privacy and Security: An Access Control with Attribute Revocation based on OBDD Access Structure

Edemacu, Kennedy; Jang, Beakcheol; Kim, Jong Wook


Multimodal Data Analysis of Alzheimer’s Disease Based on Clustering Evolutionary Random Forest

Bi, Xia-an; Hu, Xi; Wu, Hao; Wang, Yang


Intelligent Data-Driven Model for Diabetes Diurnal Patterns Analysis

Eissa, Mohammad; Good, Tim; Elliott, Jackie; Benaissa, Mohammed


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