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In this issue vol. 25, issue 1, January 2021, 9 papers are published related to the topic Imaging Informatics. Please click here to view them, with links in IEEE XPLORE.

Deep Ensemble Feature Network for Gastric Section Classification
Lin, Ting-Hsuan; Jhang, Jyun-Yao; Huang, Chun-Rong; Tsai, Yu-Ching; Cheng, Hsiu-Chi; Sheu, Bor-Shyang

Open-source automatic segmentation of ocular structures and biomarkers of microbial keratitis on slit-lamp photography images using deep learning
Loo, Jessica; Kriegel, Matthias; Tuohy, Megan; Kim, Kyeong Hwan; Prajna, Venkatesh; Woodward, Maria; Farsiu, Sina

Three-dimensional Multiscale Fuzzy Entropy: Validation and Application to Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis
Feitor Gaudκncio, Andreia; Vaz, Pedro G.; Hilal, Mirvana; Cardoso, Joγo; Mahe, Guillaume; Lederlin, Mathieu; Humeau-Heurtier, Anne

RAG-FW: A hybrid convolutional framework for the automated extraction of retinal lesions and lesion-influenced grading of human retinal pathology
Hassan, Taimur; Akram, Muhammad Usman; Werghi, Naoufel; Nazir, Noman

Multi-scale self-guided attention for medical image segmentation
Sinha, Ashish; Dolz, Jose

Learning spatiotemporal features for esophageal abnormality detection from endoscopic videos
Ghatwary, Noha; zolgharni, massoud; Janan, Faraz; ye, xujiong

SCNET: A Novel UGI Cancer Screening Framework Based on Semantic-Level Multimodal Data Fusion
Ding, Shuai; Huang, Hui; Li, Zhenmin; Liu, Xiao; Yang, Shanlin

Multifractal Alterations in Oral Sub-epithelial Connective Tissue During Progression of Pre-cancer and Cancer
Nawn, Debaleena; Pratiher, Sawon; Chattoraj, Subhankar; Chakrabrty, Debjani; Pal, Mousumi ; Paul, Ranjan; Dutta, Srimonti ; Chatterjee, Jyotirmoy

Non-invasive evaluation of a carotid arterial pressure waveform using motion-tolerant ultrasound measurements during the Valsalva maneuver
Seo, Joohyun; Lee, Hae-Seung; Sodini, Charles

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