Bioinformatics 1269 634 Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics (JBHI)

In this issue, vol. 26, issue 7, July 2022, 5 papers are published related to the topic Bioinformatics. Please click here to view it, with link in IEEE XPLORE.

DeepMNE: Deep Multi-network Embedding for lncRNA-Disease Association prediction
Ma, Yingjun

Investigating miRNA-mRNA interactions and gene regulatory networks from VTA dopaminergic neurons following perinatal nicotine and alcohol exposure using Bayesian network analysis
Xia, Hui; Akay, Yasemin; Akay, Metin

SLRRSC: single-cell type recognition method based on similarity and graph regularization constraints
Zhang, Nana; Liu, Jin-Xing; Zheng, Chun-Hou; Wang, Juan

A Graph-based Molecular Communications Model Analysis of the Human Gut Bacteriome
Somathilaka, Samitha; Martins, Daniel; Barton, Wiley; O’Sullivan, Orla; Cotter, Paul; Balasubramaniam, Sasitharan

Multi-view Random-walk Graph regularization Low-Rank Representation for cancer clustering and Differentially Expressed Gene Selection
Wang, Juan; Li-Hong, Wang; Liu, Jin-Xing; Kong, Xiang-Zhen; Li, Shengjun