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Dec 05 - 09 2022


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IEEE EMBS Micro and Nanotechnology in Medicine Conference (MNMC 2022)


Micro and Nanotechnology in Medicine (MNM) conference is a special topic conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine & Biology Society (EMBS). This conference focuses on the development and application of micro- and nanoscale technologies to problems in the life sciences that include, but are not limited to, a) clinical and point-of-care diagnostic devices, b) organ-on-a-chip systems for testing the toxicity of pharmaceuticals and industrial chemicals, c) wearable biosensors for mobile healthcare, d) high-throughput systems for novel drug discovery for global diseases, e) nanophotonics, and f) nanomaterials for imaging and treating disease.

Furthermore, the conference also features case studies of how key technologies above have been translated to the clinic and/or marketplace for widespread dissemination. In addition to showcasing leading research in the above areas by global leaders, the MNM conference also fosters robust interactions between scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and medical researchers in a dedicated and close-knit forum.

MNM originated in 2000 as the first IEEE EMBS Special Topic Conference on Micro technologies in Medicine & Biology (MMB) in Lyon, France and chaired by Andre Ditmar. In 2012, the conference was reinvigorated and its title was changed to IEEE EMBS Micro & Nanotechnology in Medicine Conference and chaired by Ali Khademhosseini, Michelle Kline and Rashid Bashir. Today, this week-long, biennial conference held in December on one of the Hawaiian Islands continues its tradition of providing a unique forum for students, academic faculty, industrialists, entrepreneurs, and clinical professionals to openly discuss cutting-edge micro- and nanoscale technology-based solutions to today’s pressing problems in healthcare.

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