EMBS Local Paper Competitions

November 7, 2016

In order to encourage students to participate in our various conferences, the EMBS is providing support for local paper competitions. Support to local chapters, branch chapters or clubs is in the form of matching funds with potential support for local paper competition winners to attend the annual EMBC.

Competition Format: A chapter or club can propose a local student paper competition, consisting of a local event with at least one plenary speaker and at least six oral presentations each with submitted abstracts to a local judging committee, written in the IEEE four-page format. The oral presentations must follow the IEEE EMBC format, with a 15 minute time slot for each, nominally 12 minutes for the presentation and 3 minutes for questions. A judging panel consisting of at least two faculty or industrial representatives, one of which must be an IEEE EMBS member will judge the abstracts and the oral presentations.

Financial Support: The chapter or club would submit a proposal to hold a local student paper competition to the IEEE EMBS as described on the EMBS Chapters web page under “Chapter funding requirements” http://www.embs.org/member-communities/chapters/. This mechanism provides up to $1000 for chapters and up to $500 for clubs in the form of 2:1 matching to support any cost in running the competition, including refreshments, reimbursements for speakers, and small prizes for the winners.

Additionally, the chapter or club can apply for a distinguished lecturer to come to the event. These are separate applications, but should indicate that they are for the same event, the local student paper competition. The application form for the IEEE Distinguished Lecturer program is at: http://www.embs.org/about-embs/awards-recognition/distinguished-lecturers-program/ To receive the matching funds the completed scoring sheets and abstracts need to be submitted along with any other required documentation.

Support for travel to the EMBC for Competition Winners: All the local paper competition entrants are encouraged to submit their papers to the IEEE EMBC as described in the meeting call for papers. To further encourage the winners of the local competition, the abstract submission fee will be waived for the first and second place winners of each local paper competition supported through this program. In addition, all manuscripts submitted to the EMBC that were first or second place winners will be judged by an EMBS committee, and the top 5 applicants will be reimbursed up to $750 in travel or living expenses for traveling to the EMBC as a 2:1 match. Additionally, their registration will be waived if they agree to spend eight hours as a student volunteer for the meeting.


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