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Cardiovascular Health Tech Conference 2022

Cardiovascular Health Tech Conference 2022 570 428 IEEE EMBS

Recent advances in wearables, “nearables”, and machine learning have created opportunities for unprecedented monitoring of cardiovascular disease.  Such monitoring holds promise for mitigating the burden of the number one killer worldwide.  Significant progress has been made to date, and the burgeoning “cardiovascular health tech” field has generated broad excitement including from the patient end-users.  This online conference will comprise three, two-hour sessions that present state-of-the-art in (1) cuffless blood pressure measurement; (2) convenient sleep tracking; and (3) mobile atrial fibrillation screening.  The session chairs and speakers are top academic researchers, technical directors of major companies, CEOs of earlier stage companies, and clinical key opinion leaders.  Each session will include Q&A from the live audience and conclude with a panel discussion amongst all participants.  By bringing together leading experts, the conference may help accelerate further progress in the field.