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Sponsorship Opportunities

Technical Co-Sponsorship by IEEE EMBS

The following guidelines apply to all parties requesting to enter into a Technical Co-sponsor relationship with IEEE EMBS:

  1. For your conference to be considered, one or more past proceedings must be made available to EMBS for evaluation. If no such proceedings are available, then EMBS will not consider the conference for Technical Co-Sponsorship. If this is the first year for your conference, you are encouraged to create a conference proceeding to submit with your request in a future year.
  2. All IEEE fees associated with acquiring the Conference Proceedings for a technically co-sponsored conference will be the responsibility of the conference.
  3. IEEE EMBS will include your conference information in regular mailouts to its members and on the website.
  4. Following approval, You may use the IEEE EMBS logo on the Conference Website and promotion material as a sponsoring society.
  5. IEEE EMBS will not have any financial involvement and will be limited to participating as a Technical Co-sponsor.
  6. The use of IEEE EMBS in the title of the Conference is prohibited.
  7. Note: IEEE EMBS will not technically co-sponsor a conference if it falls within a month (either side) of our Annual International Conference or a month (either side) of one of our Special Topic Conferences.

As a Technical Co-sponsor, IEEE EMBS requires the following items:

  • All papers submitted to the conference must be peer-reviewed.
  • The conference must demonstrate that its paper submission process is secure.
  • The conference organizers have a process to identify and reject fraudulent reviewers and papers.

To verify this information, a detailed description of the paper submission and review process must be submitted with a formal request for EMBS Technical Co-Sponsorship for approval by the EMB VP Conferences. Please include a Call for Papers if one is available. IEEE EMBS will not authorize any publication acquisition for IEEE Xplore until these requirements can be verified.
As a Technical Co-sponsor, IEEE EMBS you must:

  • Acknowledge IEEE EMBS participation in all conference materials, advertisements and on the conference website.
  • Include the IEEE EMBS Information page in the Final Program and Conference Proceeding.
  • Agree that IEEE EMBS can acquire the Conference Proceedings, production and shipment at a specific acquisition fee paid by IEEE EMBS. This acquisition of your Conference Proceedings is not guaranteed and is contingent upon the proceedings being evaluated and requested by IEEE and created in the required IEEE compatible format.
  • Provide to IEEE EMBS one complimentary copy of the Conference Proceeding for the EMBS Executive Office.
  • Provide to IEEE EMBS in electronic format the conference attendee list to include: name, postal address, email address, telephone and facsimile numbers.

Please Click Here to submit your application for EMBS Technical Co-Sponsorship