IEEE EMBS presents

Call for proposals
International Student Conference in Latinamerica (ISC R9) 2022

The International Student Conference (ISC) is the official student conference from IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS) that takes place in some geographic regions in which IEEE divides its membership. Unlike regular technical conferences, the ISCs aim at (1) strengthening and growing the regional EMBS student community, (2) being a forum for students to meet each other and exchange experiences at the local, regional, and international level, (3) fostering leadership skills in students involved in the organization of the conference, and (4) providing undergraduate and postgraduate students with the opportunity to practice, firsthand, the process of scientific research and publication. This conference is organized by students for students.

Following the first three editions (Chile, Perú, Ecuador) and the 2021 edition (Mexico), the IEEE EMBS ISC R9 Committee is accepting proposals for the 2022 R9 ISC. All IEEE EMBS R9 student chapters are invited to submit a proposal to host and organize the 2022 ISC. The application document (which must be written following the guidelines below) will be evaluated by the ISC R9 Committee according to the following timeline:

Apr 5th, 2021: Call for Proposals opens, pre screening
May 30th, 2021: Call for proposals pre – screening closes
June 25th, 2021: Notification of results pre – screening
June 29th – August 28th, 2021: Final proposal preparation
August 29th, 2021: Call for proposals closes
August 30th – September 17th, 2021: Selection of finalists
September 20th – 24th, 2021: Finalist interviews
October 15th, 2021: Notification of results
November 6th, 2021: Presentation by the selected team during the 2021 ISC

ISC Proposal Pre screening:

ISC Final Proposal Guidelines

The final ISC proposal must contain the following items, well organized and fully described:

  • Motivation / Description.
  • Theme: Inform the particular theme around all the conference.
  • Goals and expected outcomes.
  • Tentative dates: include primary and secondary date options. It should be between October 15th and November 15th.
  • Expected attendance: members and non members.
  • Organizing Committee (OC): at least one EMBS student chapter or club, plus advising committee members. The OC should have approval of their academic department. The OC should have at the minimum (a) chair, (b) vice-chair, (c) technical program chair, and (d) finance chair. The advising committee should have at least two professional members, with at least one faculty member from one of the organizing institutions. List using a table and include the name, role, and email address of each member. Previous relevant experience from OC members / chapters and advising committee members should be listed. Diversity and inclusion considerations should be taken into account.
  • International Program Committee (IPC): list of active EMBS student chapters members that will be on the committee with their contact information. The IPC must actively assist the OC in ensuring participation from chapters all over the Latin American region.
  • Location and travel information: describe details of the city where the event would take place at that are relevant for the ISC, including appeal as a travel destination, ease of traveling (average travel time and cost to travel inside the city) and relevance of the chosen city to sciences / biomedical engineering / EMBS.
  • Venue: choice of venue including capacity and number / cost of nearby hotel rooms.  Describe any plans for hosting a hybrid (virtual + in person) or fully virtual conference.
  • Travel restrictions and visa requirements if applicable: provide any information about countries that require a visa, cost and processing time.
  • R&R Strategies: one of the most significant outcomes of the R9 ISCs is increasing and sustaining the number of student members in the region. The proposal must include strategies to recruit and retain EMBS student members, including plans for funding or subsidizing memberships for participants.
  • Technical program: describe the overall structure of the conference (i.e., areas for the technical sessions, workshops, challenges, keynote speakers, etc.). Particular attention will be given to the description of the innovations proposed by the OC for making the ISC a more unique and relevant experience.
  • Social and cultural program: provide a description of the social events planned for the conference .
  • Volunteer training program: provide a description of the training events planned for the EMBS Student volunteers at the conference. At minimum, tt must include the EMBS R9 Student Chapters annual meeting.
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: describe how this will be handled in the conference.
  • Estimated Budget: summarize any known budget information (including optimistic and pessimistic options, incomes and expenses) and describe how finances will be handled.
  • Funding: describe and document if you have any funding available, and describe strategies for securing funding sources for the event.
  • Additional information: provide any additional information that will be useful.

The proposal document must be written in English.

Send any questions or comments to the chair of the R9 ISC Committee, Lizeth Vega Medina (