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Call for Distinguished Lecturers

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DEADLINE November 15, 2018
The IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS) invites nominations for EMBS Distinguished Lecturers. The IEEE EMBS Distinguished Lecturers Program provides high quality speakers to the Biomedical Engineering Community, especially, EMBS Chapters, Student Branch Chapters, and Student Clubs. Appointment as an EMBS Distinguished Lecturer is a major Society recognition. The Distinguished Lecturers are selected by the Distinguished Lecturers Program Committee and announced in December after approval by the EMBS AdCom.
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Distinguished Lecturer Nominations are currently closed.

Nominees must meet the following criteria:

  • The DL nominee must be nominated by an EMBS Chapter, an EMBS Technical Committee or an EMBS member who does not have conflict with the selection process. No self nominations are allowed.
  • In an effort to improve diversity, EMBS encourages women and scientists from under represented geographical area to be nominated.
  • If you are looking for a nominator we encourage you to contact the chair of the most relevant EMBS Technical Committee
  • The DL nominee must be a well-recognized expert in his/her field because of his/her research, teaching, service activities and an inspiring speaker.

The pool of candidates should cover as well as possible at any time the technology footprint of the Society and its global reach, as well as appeal to its diversified constituents (professionals, academicians and students) and our medical partners.


The Distinguished Lecturers will start their two year term in January. Each Lecturer should submit up to three lecture topics in his/her field of expertise that will be posted in the Society Website or areas under represented in the current roster of the EMBS Distinguished Lecturers. The Distinguished Lectures should be readily available to travel within his/her geographical area upon contact by the Chapters or appropriate organizations. Reasonable travel expenses will be paid by the Distinguished Lectures Program.
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Distinguished Lecturer Nominations are currently closed.