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Methods of Information in Medicine

Recent Publications

S. Dalle Carbonare, F. Folli, E. Patrini, P. Giudici, R. Bellazzi, A Probabilistic Method for Computing Quantitative Risk Indexes from Medical Injuries Compensation Claims, Methods Inf Med 2013 52 5: 374-381

V. Jouhet, G. Defossez, CRISAP, CoRIM, P. Ingrand, Automated Selection of Relevant Information for Notification of Incident Cancer Cases within a Multisource Cancer Registry, Methods Inf Med 2013 52 5: 411-421

F. Alonso, J. A. Lara, L. Martinez, A. Perez, J. P. Valente, Generating Reference Models for Structurally Complex Data, Methods Inf Med 2013 52 5: 441-453

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