Customer Case Study: Aridhia

Customer Case Study: Aridhia 150 150 Biomedical & Health Informatics (BHI)

Customer Spotlight: Enabling Personalized Healthcare with Biomedical Informatics at Aridhia.

Special Customer Guest Speaker: Chris Roche, Chief Commercial Officer, Aridhia

Aridhia is a world leading health informatics company developing technology that supports the innovation, collaboration, and management of chronic diseases, stratified medicine, and biomedical research through the use of biomedical informatics and analytics. Specifically using Hadoop and other Big Data and application technology from Pivotal for gene sequencing and mapping to uncover correlations between genotype and clinical data, Aridhia is able to provide an unparalleled analytics platform aimed at revolutionizing the treatment and management of chronic diseases.

Join us to learn how Aridhia is using Pivotal technology to maximize the potential of existing data within the healthcare system, enable healthcare providers to inform clinical outcomes from insights gained from complex datasets, and provide a data science safe haven that promotes collaboration between healthcare, academia and industry.