CIO survey finds mobile-enabled healthcare a top trend

CIO survey finds mobile-enabled healthcare a top trend 150 150 Biomedical & Health Informatics (BHI)

There are more market research reports, survey results and industry metrics related to mobile and digital health floating around these days than in years past: Our recently published State of the Industry Q4/2012 Year in Review report included a summary of 16 different metric-loaded reports that published during the last three months of the year alone. That means results from one or more digital health surveys published each week leading up to the end of 2012.

While far from perfect, these market numbers help shape our perception of what’s really going on in the market at large. Rightly or wrongly, even small surveys can have this effect.

That’s why I was drawn to a recent announcement from Level 3 about a small survey of 100 CIOs and other healthcare IT professionals working in provider settings that the company had commissioned Corona Insights to conduct. The summary findings of the survey were published in the press release announcement and they included these two statements: “Only 17 percent believe mHealth will have a significant impact on the healthcare industry” and “at the same time, healthcare CIOs and IT executives are less inclined to focus on mobile-enabled healthcare (mHealth).”

Rather dispiriting findings. However, if you read the actual survey results and the questions themselves, as I did after requesting them from Level 3, a very different set of findings is discussed.

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