Past Professional Career Achievement Award Recipients


Dirk Padfield
For outstanding professional leadership and significant contributions in the field of medical and biomedical image analysis and processing.


Richard Boudreault
For the development of femtosecond laser in-situ bio-imagery, with application to the detection and characterization of breast cancer and to pharmaceutical research with a Small Animal Molecular Imager technology.


Howard Levin
For outstanding scientific, medical and technical contributions to the development of novel medical technologies and devices for the treatment hypertension and heart failure.


Karl E. Friedl
In recognition of his technical contributions in metabolic monitoring, physiological status monitoring, and neuropsychological assessments as a biomedical researcher and technical leader in the military, government, academia, and professional societies.


Reese S. Terry, Jr.
For the invention of theraputic implantable devices and procedures for the treatment of epilepsy and drug-resistant chronic depression.


Rahul Mehra
For outstanding contributions to the understanding and treatment of malignant heart rhythms with implantable devices for patients at risk of sudden cardiac death.


Mark Kroll
For harnessing the power of the charge “burping effect” into the design of biphasic defibrillation waveforms and extensive contributions to the clinical success of defibrillators.


Dorin Panescu
For groundbreaking contributions to the invention and development of medical devices for cardiac ablation, mapping, imaging and cardiac resynchronization therapy.