Yu Zhou

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Modeling Contrast-Imaging-Assisted Optimal Targeted Drug Delivery: A Touchable Communication Channel Estimation and Waveform Design Perspective
To maximize the effect of treatment and minimize the adverse effect on patients, we propose to optimize nanorobots-assisted targeted drug delivery (TDD) for locoregional treatment of tumor from the perspective of touchable communication channel estimation and waveform design. The drug... Read more
TNB, Featured Articles
Overcoming Channel Uncertainties in Touchable Molecular Communication for Direct-Drug-Targeting-Assisted Immuno-Chemotherapy
The performance of targeted immuno-chemotherapy of tumor is highly exposed to drug absorption in systemic circulation, which reduces its efficiency and increases side-effects. Direct drug targeting (DDT) combined with immuno-chemotherapy has the potential to mitigate the undesired systemic exposure, by... Read more