Xiujuan J. Dai

Xiujuan J. Dai received B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in plasma physics and semiconductor physics, respectively, from universities in China, and the Ph.D. degree in plasma physics from the Australian National University, Acton, Australia, in 1996. Her research has focused on the development of novel plasma technologies and methodologies; the development of materials with new functionality for energy and biomedical applications using semiconductors, metals, ceramics, polymers, and textiles; and improved understanding of the underlying mechanisms through various surface characterizations, analysis, and diagnostics. She has been internationally recognized for her contributions to plasma science and technology. She established a new plasma laboratory at IFM since joining Deakin University, Waurn Ponds, Australia, in 2009. She has grown many collaborations across the university and outside research organizations, nationally and internationally. Currently, she is supervising 10 Ph.D. candidates. Dr. Dai was an invited speaker at the Gordon Research Conference (USA) on plasma science and technology in 2000, and joint recipient of the CSIRO Research Medal and a NanoVic Prize in 2006 for her work on carbon nanotubes.

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