Ulrich Lindemann

Dr. Ulrich Lindemann studied Sport Science at the German Sport University Cologne and received his diploma degree in 1989. After working as a professional coach and as a therapist in orthopedic and neurologic rehabilitation he was a research fellow at the Geriatric Centre Ulm/Alb-Donau, Academic Centre of the University of Ulm. At the University of Ulm he received his doctoral degree in 2004. Since 2004 he is a senior research fellow in the Clinic for Geriatric Rehabilitation at the Robert-Bosch-Hospital in Stuttgart. His research activities are strength and balance exercise for older persons and assessment of physical performance and physical activity.

Associated articles

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Sit-to-Stand Transition Reveals Acute Fall Risk in Activities of Daily Living
The focus of this paper was on finding wrist sensor-derived features for detecting highly acute fall risk from the sit-to-stand transitions performed in a non-ambulatory environment. Furthermore, the influence of the dominant and non-dominant hand on these features was investigated.... Read more