Tayyaba Hasan

Tayyaba Hasan received the Ph.D. degree in organic chemistry from the University of Arkansas. She is currently a Professor of Dermatology with the Harvard Medical School and a Professor of Health Sciences and Technology. She is currently with the Wellman Center for Photomedicine. She was involved in the post-doctoral training in biochemistry with the University of Pennsylvania. She joined the Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital in 1982 as a Research Scientist. Her research is directed to basic and translational studies in photochemistry, photobiology, and photodynamic therapy. More broadly, her research program includes investigations in cancer, microbiology, infectious diseases, arthritis, and cardiovascular pathologies.

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Guiding Empiric Treatment for Serious Bacterial Infections via Point of Care B-Lactamase Characterization
For suspected serious bacterial infection in infants, ampicillin administration is a standard treatment (left panel). However, patients with a β-lactamase positive infection may be resistant to this treatment. As delays in effective treatment are correlated with poor patient outcome, rapid... Read more