Steven H. Collins

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh PA 15213 USA and the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 95014 USA

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An Ankle-Foot Prosthesis Emulator Capable of Modulating Center of Pressure
Several powered ankle-foot prostheses have demonstrated moderate reductions in energy expenditure by restoring pushoff work in late stance or by assisting with balance. However, it is possible that center of pressure trajectory modulation could provide even further improvements in user... Read more
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Systematic Variation of Prosthetic Foot Spring Affects Center-of-Mass Mechanics and Metabolic Cost During Walking
Lower-limb amputees expend more energy to walk than non-amputees and have an elevated risk of secondary disabilities. Insufficient push-off by the prosthetic foot may be a contributing factor. We aimed to systematically study the effect of prosthetic foot mechanics on... Read more
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Teleoperation of an ankle-foot prosthesis with a wrist exoskeleton
This work aims to mimic sensorimotor control pathways disrupted after amputation with a system that allows a user to teleoperate their ankle-foot prosthesis with a wrist exoskeleton while receiving augmented sensory feedback. We present a novel wrist exoskeleton design and two control strategies that dictate ankle prosthesis behavior based on wrist input. We validate all system components with benchtop testing and demonstrate that one individual with transtibial amputation can accurately command desired wrist trajectories while walking. Systems like this have the potential to provide insight into human motor control and improve functional gait metrics for people with lower-limb amputation... Read more