Shang-Ming Zhou

Shang-Ming Zhou is a Full Professor with the Centre for Health Technology, Faculty of Health, University of Plymouth. His research was funded by HDRUK, MRC, EPSRC, HCRW, charity, and international collaborations. His scholarly interests focus on AI in health and biomedical informatics: data-driven health-related studies using techniques, such as machine learning/deep learning, natural language processing, computational intelligence (artificial neural networks, fuzzy logic, nature-inspired computing etc), predictive analytics and data mining. He is particularly interested in explainable/transparent machine learning (deep learning) and AI for electronic health records and –omics data, and creation of innovative methods to extract personally useful information, such as rules and patterns, concerning lifestyles and health conditions from routine health related data to promote healthier lifestyles and prevent disease.

Associated articles

JTEHM, Articles
Modeling Large Sparse Data for Feature Selection: Hospital Admission Predictions of the Dementia Patients using Primary Care Electronic Health Records
A growing elderly population suffering from incurable, chronic conditions such as dementia present a continual strain on medical services due to mental impairment paired with high comorbidity resulting in increased hospitalization risk. The identification of at risk individuals allows for... Read more