Sean Mathieson

Sean Mathieson completed a BSc in Biology in Bath and an MSc in Neuroscience at UCL. Dr Mathieson trained and worked as a Clinical Physiologist at Great Ormond Street hospital from 2001-2009 in the neurophysiology department. He then worked at UCL/UCLH, London until 2016 on 2 research grants to test the ANSeR automated seizure detection algorithm for neonatal EEG, developed by researchers at UCC, Cork, Ireland. During this time he studied for a PhD which involved analysis of various aspects of the performance of the ANSeR algorithm. He is currently working at UCC on the ENRICH study to investigate the effect of environmental enrichment on infant sleep and cognitive development.

Associated articles

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Towards a Personalized Real-Time Diagnosis in Neonatal Seizure Detection
      The problem of creating a personalized seizure detection algorithm for newborns is tackled in this paper. A probabilistic framework for semi-supervised adaptation of a generic patient-independent neonatal seizure detector is proposed. A system that is based on a combination of... Read more