Ravikumar Radhakrishnan

Ravikumar Radhakrishnan is a Consultant Interventional Radiologist and Preventive Cardiologist. He is the Director of Thambiran Heart and Vascular Institute, Annanagar, Chennai. After completing his basic medical degree, he pursued his career as a Radiologist and Interventional Radiologist. He further went on to do his PhD in early detection of atherosclerosis using noninvasive imaging modalities which gave him a better understanding of the process of atherosclerosis. He had his postdoctoral training at Sunnybrook’s Health Science Center, Toronto. He returned back to India in 2008 and started Thambiran Heart and vascular Institute. The institute mainly focuses on early detection of high risk individuals and through an integrated approach help individuals lower their risk factors. He has been collaborating with HTIC over the past 2 years and has been jointly involved in multiple projects. He has more than 30 National and international Publications.

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Technical validation of ARTSENS – An image free device for evaluation of vascular stiffness
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