Pratik Shah

Pratik Shah received the B.S. degree in microbiology, the M.S. degree in Microbiology from University of Mumbai, India, and Ph.D degree in microbiology at University of MS. Medical Center, Jackson, MS, United States. He acquired fellowship training at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard and Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA, United States. He is currently a prinicpal investigator of media arts and sciences and a research scientist at the MIT Media Lab. His research interests include biomarkers discovery, clinical imaging technologies, novel artificial intelligence algorithms for anitibiotic discovery and clinical trial design.

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Near-Infrared Imaging for Detecting Caries and Structural Deformities in Teeth
2-D radiographs, while commonly used for evaluating sub-surface hard structures of teeth, have low sensitivity for early caries lesions, particularly those on tooth occlusal surfaces. Radiographs are also frequently refused by patients over safety concerns. Translucency of teeth in the... Read more