Pamela Reynolds

Pamela Reynolds is an award-winning writer and seasoned editor who has worked for a variety of newspapers, magazines and websites. Her writing has appeared in both print and electronic publications, including The Boston Globe, where she worked for more than a decade as both a reporter and editor. She is also an artist as well. You can see her work online at

Associated articles

IEEE PULSE, Cover Story July/August 2014
Machines That Dance
Artist Arthur Ganson describes his kinetic sculptures as a cross between mechanical engineering and choreography. And if you’ve had a chance to see one of his works, you’ll understand why. Delicate assemblages of interconnecting gears, springs, cams, ratchets and sprockets... Read more
IEEE PULSE, Feature July/August 2015
An Italian Education
From Leonardo da Vinci’s designs for ball bearings to the incredible engineering wizardry behind the Ferrari, the inventive, inquisitive, and ingenious spirit of the engineer has always lived—and thrived—in Italy. From education to research to product development, Italy has always... Read more
IEEE PULSE, COVID-19 Crisis Response, July/August 2020
Unmasked Behavior
Faced with the evidence, scientists ponder why everyone doesn’t wear a mask After initial assertions that the wearing of face masks was an unnecessary public health tool in the prevention of the spread of COVID-19, the advice coming out of the... Read more