Natalia López

Natalia López ( is with the Gabinete de Tecnología Médica, Universidad Nacional de San Juan.

Associated articles

IEEE PULSE, Retrospectroscope September/October 2015
[accordion title=”Introducing the Authors”] When the stream is driven by a powerful pump, the running waters can take you to the unknowns of the mind. —Max E. Valentinuzzi Elisa Pérez was born in San Juan, Argentina, in 1978. She graduated as a bioengineer from... Read more
IEEE PULSE, Feature May/June 2016
From Hospital to Home Care
For people without disabilities, technology makes things easier. For people with disabilities, technology makes things possible. Advances in medicine have led to a significant increase in human life expectancy and, therefore, to a growing number of disabled elderly people who need chronic... Read more
IEEE PULSE, Retrospectroscope November/December 2019
Physical Rehabilitation: A Historical Look
Medicine aims toward restoring, maintaining, and improving human health, and engineering aims toward restoring, maintaining and improving human wellness. Both disciplines apply knowledge from science and technology at large to accomplish such objectives. Bioengineering, also called biomedical engineering, is defined... Read more