Monika Reddy

Monika Reddy received the MBChB (hons.) degree from University of Liverpool, Liverpool, U.K., in 2004 and the MRCP degree from the Royal College of Physicians London, London, U.K., in 2008. From 2008 to 2011, she worked as a Specialist Registrar (ST3–ST5) in Diabetes and Endocrinology at Northwest London rotation. She is currently a Clinical Research Fellow at the Department of Diabetes, Endocrinology, and Metabolic Medicine, Imperial College London, London. Hermain research interest includes diabetes technology and, in particular, in the clinical evaluation of a bio-inspired artificial pancreas.

Associated articles

JBHI, Featured Articles
Advanced Insulin Bolus Advisor based on Run-To-Run Control and Case- Based Reasoning
Herrero, P. Pesl, M. Reddy, N. Oliver, P. Georgiou, and C. Toumazou Insulin bolus calculators are simple decision support software tools incorporated in most commercially available insulin pumps to help people with Type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) calculate the insulin doses... Read more
JBHI, Featured Articles
Predicting Quality of Overnight Glycaemic Control in Type 1 Diabetes using Binary Classifiers
ype 1 diabetes management, maintaining nocturnal blood glucose within target range can be challenging. Although semi-automatic systems to modulate insulin pump delivery, such as low-glucose insulin suspension and the artificial pancreas, are starting to become a reality, their elevated cost and performance below user expectations is hindering their adoption... Read more