Michele Solis

Michele Solis is a freelance science writer and former neuroscientist living in Seattle, Washington.

Associated articles

IEEE PULSE, Feature March/April 2017
Digital Tracking of Cognitive Decline
Pinpointing where healthy brain aging leaves off and dementia begins is difficult. Is a slip in memory an expected outcome for a too-busy person or a warning of something else? If an empty-nester loses the motivation to cook, is it... Read more
IEEE PULSE, Feature July/August 2016
Steering Organoids Toward Discovery
Since the 1980s, stem cells’ shape-shifting abilities have wowed scientists. With proper handling, a few growth factors, and some time, stem cells can be cooked up into specific cell types, including neurons, muscle, and skin. However, stem cells know more than... Read more
IEEE PULSE, Feature September/October 2016
Controlling Seizures Through Chemogenetics
Electricity is the currency of our nervous systems. Thinking and planning, walking and talking, eating and sleeping—all our mental and physical activities are driven by electrical signals moving through the brain. This electrical traffic ebbs and flows in consistent patterns... Read more
IEEE PULSE, Feature November/December 2016
New Frontiers in Robotic Surgery
Over the past 30 years, robots have become standard fixtures in operating rooms. During brain surgery, a NeuroMate robot may guide a neurosurgeon to a target within the pulsing cortex. In orthopedics, a Mako robot sculpts and drills bone during... Read more
IEEE PULSE, Feature January/February 2017
Committing to Memory
Cell phone chimes, sticky notes, even the proverbial string around a finger—these timehonored external cues help guard against our inevitable memory lapses. But some internal help to the brain itself may be on the way in the form of what’s... Read more