Michael N. Sawka

Michael N. Sawka is Professor of Applied Physiology at Georgia Institute of Technology. He is an expert in environmental (heat, cold, high-altitude) physiology, thermoregulation, blood volume control, fluid / electrolyte balance, hydration assessment, exertional heat illness, exercise physiology, and rehabilitation medicine. Dr. Sawka published >350 full-length manuscripts, book chapters and technical reports (>17,000 literature citations); edited graduate textbooks on environmental physiology and exercise physiology. Dr. Sawka is an editorial board member for American Journal of Physiology, Comprehensive Physiology (Environmental Physiology Editor), Journal of Applied Physiology (Consulting Editor), Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise (Associate Editor-In-Chief), and International Journal of Sports Medicine. He served on many scientific panels / committees. Dr. Sawka was a Department of Army Science and Technology appointee from 2006 thru 2012; he received the Military Medical Merit Medallion (2005), American College of Sports Medicine’s Citation Award (2010) and American Physiological Society’s Honor Award (2016).

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Novel Methods for Sensing Acoustical Emissions from the Knee for Wearable Joint Health Assessment
Caitlin N. Teague, Sinan Hersek, Hakan Töreyin, Mindy L. Millard-Stafford, Michael L. Jones, Geza F. Kogler, Michael N. Sawka, and Omer T. Inan, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA The research reported in this paper was highlighted in several major news pieces including Scientific American and BBC Radio. We... Read more