Maurizio De Nino

Maurizio De Nino was born in Naples, Italy, on June 07, 1972 and graduated with honors in physics with a specialization in artificial intelligence and data acquisition systems. He began his working career as a PlayStation game developer (Puma Street Soccer) and then for twenty years, he gained experience working for scientific centres (CIRA, ASI, ESA, CNR, INAF, DLR) and hitech companies (Finmeccanica, Selex-ES, SSC, Thales, Astrium, Cosine, TSD) with a specific experience in R&D for real-time embedded system, image processing, computer vision and virtual reality. He was the technical director for more than fifty projects and for these projects, he was honored with four awards for his technology contribution for Rosetta, Venus Express, Photon Capsule and Maser sounding rocket. He wrote dozens of articles on image processing for specialized journals and presented many papers during International Congresses. In the last six years, he has been working with Digitalcomoedia as CTO for virtual and augmented reality system development coordinating a team of developers with a direct link with the main University of Naples for which he followed, as a mentor, many theses in image processing and virtual reality application. Currently he is CTO of four projects: StopEmotion, Virtual Training Environment, iEngine and FCI Image SCOE.

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