Masood Ur Rehman

Masood Ur Rehman is with the School of Computer Science and Technology, University of Bedfordshire, Luton, LU1 3JU, United Kingdom. Senior Member, IEEE.

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Detection of Essential Tremor at the S-Band
           Essential tremor (ET) is a neurological disorder characterized by rhythmic, involuntary shaking of a part or parts of the body. The most common tremor is seen in the hands/arms and fingers. This paper presents an evaluation of ETs monitoring based... Read more
JTEHM, Articles, Published Articles
Sleep Apnea Syndrome Sensing at C-Band
         A non-intrusive sleep apnea detection system using a C-Band channel sensing technique is proposed to monitor sleep apnea syndrome in real time. The system utilizes perturbations of RF signals to differentiate between patient’s breathing under normal and sleep apnea conditions.... Read more