Mahdi Bayat

Department of Physiology and Biomedical Engineering, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine.

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Automated Compression Device for Viscoelasticity Imaging
Such a device should be lightweight, portable and easy to use for patient studies to capture tissue dynamics under external stress. We present the design of an automated compression device for studying the creep response of materials with tissue-like behaviors.... Read more
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Automated In Vivo Sub-Hertz Analysis of Viscoelasticity (SAVE) for Evaluation of Breast Lesions
Many breast tumors found by palpation manifest as stiff masses. The stiffness of tumor is related to a mechanical property known as elasticity. Elastography methods use tissue elasticity as a biomarker to provide invaluable information that improves classification of the... Read more
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Background Removal and Vessel Filtering of Non-Contrast Ultrasound Images of Microvasculature
Conventional ultrasound Doppler imaging using classic FIR and IIR wall filters prohibits visualization of the small vessels due to strong Fourier spectral overlap between tissue and blood echoes. A clutter removal method is proposed that utilizes spatiotemporal coherence of the... Read more