Lindsay Tucker

Lindsay Tucker is a Boston-based freelance writer and editor. A former editor of Boston magazine, her work has also appeared in the Boston Globe, Boston Home, and Premier Guitar.

Associated articles

IEEE PULSE, Feature September/October 2014
Looking Beyond First-World Problems
Each year, the developed world is flooded with complex new medical technologies, from robotic prosthetics to remote-controlled aspirin implants. Meanwhile, only about 10% of health research funds are spent addressing the pressing problems of developing nations, although these countries make... Read more
IEEE PULSE, Feature January/February 2015
Emergency Preparedness
A man walks into the Emergency Room at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in Boston, MA. He has just returned from Liberia, where an Ebola epidemic rages. He has a fever, is nauseous and has been vomiting. Quickly assessing the situation,... Read more
IEEE PULSE, Feature September/October 2015
Wake Up and Smell the oPhone
Standing in a cool dark room with 15 or so others, I close my eyes as the scent of fresh rain wafts across my face. The sound of droplets bouncing off leaves and smacking the pavement dances around my head.... Read more
IEEE PULSE, Cover Story May/June 2014
Life Hackers
In summer 2008, 23-year-old Kay Aull had just graduated from MIT with a degree in bioengineering when she came across a competition for so-called “biohackers” on science fiction website Coined “the Mad Science Contest,” it challenged participants to invent... Read more