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Standards Committee,
Ken Fuchs
Ken Fuchs is currently the Sr. Standards Consultant at Draeger Medical Systems, Inc. a manufacturer of electronic medical devise such as patient monitoring, ventilation, anesthesia and warming therapy systems. Ken’s background has been focused on networking, connectivity and system architectures at... Read more
Standards Committee,
8th Graz Brain-Computer Interface Conference 2019
Developing a Standard Unified Terminology for Brain-Computer Interfaces Luigi Bianchi Developing Standards: Starting a Project and How to Participate Carole C. Carey Standards for Neurotechnologies and Brain Machine Interface Ricardo Chavarriaga BIOS-Creating standards for commercialization Emil Hewage Reporting Standards for in vivo Neural Interface Research (RSNIR) to Accelerate... Read more
IEEE OJEMB Templates
IEEE OJEMB accepts articles in two templates. Learn more about our templates:Manuscript Formats Use the science-journal style template for papers with a primary focus on reporting scientific results:Download the Science Template and Instructions for Authors Use the traditional IEEE format for “technology... Read more