Jeffrey Kaye

Jeffrey Kaye is the Layton Endowed Professor of Neurology and Biomedical Engineering at Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU). He directs the NIA - Layton Aging & Alzheimer's Disease Center and ORCATECH - the Oregon Center for Aging & Technology at OHSU. He leads several longitudinal studies including: the Intelligent Systems for Detection of Aging Changes (ISAAC), the ORCATECH Life Laboratory, the Ambient Independence Measures for Guiding Care Transitions, and the Collaborative Aging Research Using Technology (CART) Initiative studies, all using pervasive computing and sensing technologies for assessments and interventions. He serves on many national and international panels and boards in the fields of geriatrics, neurology and technology, and is an author of over 400 scientific publications.

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A Smart-home System to Unobtrusively and Continuously Assess Loneliness in Older Adults
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