Ing Widya

Ing Widya has retired. However in part time he is still involved in some research activities. His PhD is on stochastic signal processing and he has work experience in application oriented internet protocols and telemedicine systems. His current focus is on requirements elicitation in telemedicine that aligns with the evidence-based way of doing medicine, and partly on quality of data of monitored clinical variables and their clinical abstractions, including the impact of QoD on clinical interventions.

Associated articles

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An Ontology for Telemedicine Systems Resiliency to Technological Context Variations in Pervasive Healthcare
Part of the JTEHM BHI 2014 Special Issue. This paper presents an ontology for a quality of data (QoD) framework that enables the development of QoD-aware telemedicine systems in pervasive healthcare, where quality control entities are missing. The resulting system is... Read more