Hermie J. Hermens

Hermie J. Hermens did his master in biomedical engineering at the University of Twente. His PhD was on surface EMG simulation, processing and clinical applications. Currently, he is Professor in neuromuscular control and cluster manager in the area of Monitoring and Diagnostics at Roessingh Research and Development. Since 2008 he is the head of the Telemedicine research group, embedded in both the Mira and the CTIT research institutes. He is (co)-author of over 160 peer reviewed scientific journal papers, and his work was cited 460 times in 2010 (H-index 30). His present research is focused on combining Biomedical Engineering with ICT to create new end-to-end Telemedicine applications for people with chronic disorders.

Associated articles

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An Ontology for Telemedicine Systems Resiliency to Technological Context Variations in Pervasive Healthcare
Part of the JTEHM BHI 2014 Special Issue. This paper presents an ontology for a quality of data (QoD) framework that enables the development of QoD-aware telemedicine systems in pervasive healthcare, where quality control entities are missing. The resulting system is... Read more